NameRosanna Holcomb 32866,32842,32844,32848,32867,32868,32869,32870
Birth1775, Salisbury, Litchfield County, CT32842,32843,32846,32848,32867,32870
Birth Memo1776? NY? Simsbury, Hartford Co, CT?
Census1840, Greenbrier County, VA32871
Census MemoSouth Greenbrier
Deathbef 184232842,32848
Death Memo1845?
Anst File#AFN:BSQ1-TP32866
FatherTimothy Holcomb (1756-1840)
MotherElizabeth Griffin (1755->1830)
Birth4 Apr 1762, Bath County, VA32842,32843,32844,32845,32846,32847,32848,32849,24647,32850,32840,32851
Birth MemoPA? MD? bet 1770-1780?
Residence1781, Augusta County, VA32852
Reside MemoBranch Potomac
Tax List1 Jul 1790, Augusta County, VA32853
Tax List Memo1 tithe, 5 horses
Tax List20 Jul 1791, Bath County, VA32854
Tax List Memo1st Dictrict, 1 Titheable, 7 Horses
Tax List1792, Bath County, VA32855
Tax List Memo2nd District, 1 Titheable, 8 Horses
Tax List21 May 1793, Bath County, VA32856
Tax List Memo2nd District, 1 Titheable, 8 Horses
Tax List5 May 1794, Bath County, VA32857
Tax List Memo2nd District, 1 Titheable, 8 Horses
Tax List1795, Bath County, VA32858
Tax List Memo1 Titheable, 7 Horses
Tax List1796, Bath County, VA32859
Tax List Memo1 Titheable, 5 Horses
Tax List2 Jun 1797, Bath County, VA32860
Tax List Memo1 Titheable, 5 Horses
Undefined5 Jun 1797, Bath County, VA21197
Undefined MemoInventory - Robert Dinwiddie submitted by Abraham Gum, Otha Wade & Leonard Wade
Tax List27 Jul 1798, Bath County, VA32861
Tax List Memo1 Titheable, 6 Horses
Tax List1800, Bath County, VA32862
Tax List Memo1 Titheable, 6 Horses
Tax List28 May 1801, Bath County, VA32863
Tax List Memo1 Titheable, 5 Horses
Undefined28 Mar 1806, Bath County, VA32864
Undefined MemoBuyer at Sale of estate of Abraham Gum
Census1840, Greenbrier County, VA32865
Census MemoSouth Greenbrier
Death1850, Greenbrier County, VA32842,32848,32849,32850
Death Memobet 1842-46?
Anst File#AFN:BSQ1-SJ32866
FatherJohn Wade (1723-1815)
MotherSophia Howard (1727-1816)
Pg 465 Leonard Wade was recommended for a Mettlenancy? in the Virginia militia of Augusta Co, Feb 16, 1790?24724

 (198) William Dinwoody and John Berry recommended Captains of the 2d Regiment; Leonard Wade and Robert Givens, for Lieutenants; William Stevens and Mathias Benson, for Ensigns.
1840VAGrbrSoGrbr(39of46)20562 Leonard Wade Senr 1M 20-30, 1M 60-70, 2F 20-30, 1F 60-70 Same Family? Also Leonard Wade Jr below him 1M 30-40, 1F <5, 1F 20-30, Also George Wade 2M <5, 2M 5-10, 1M 15-20, 1M 40-50, 1F <5, 1F 10-15, 1F 30-40, His Sons?

1810 Bath Co VA Pg 4 Leonard Wade 1M <10, 1M 10-16, 1M 45+, 1F <10, 1F 10-16, 1F 26-451890 (Same family?)

Not listed with John Wade & Sophia Howard family3006

Pg 150 Inventories 4 pg 161-162:20332 16 Jul 1813. Sale Bill of a further part of the estate of Nicholas Seybert. Purchasers: Leonard Wade (Him?)

Not listed as a child of John Wade & Sophia Howard24387
Marriage12 Mar 1795, Bath County, VA32842,32844,32848,32867,32872,32873
Marr MemoMin. George Guthrie; Greenbriar County, VA?
ChildrenGeorge (1797-1884)
 Leonard (1804->1860)
 Elizabeth (ca1800-)
 Susannah (>1810-)
 Matilda (1820-1903)
 James R. C. (1822-1881)
 Mary (ca1824-)
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