Birthabt 1812, Pendleton County, VA27242,34415,34407,34416,34417,34418
Birth Memo1815-1820?
Census1820, Pendleton County, VA34415
Census1830, Pendleton County, VA34407
Census1850, Highland County, VA34419
Anst File#AFN:1TNC-JWN3470
FatherAdam Gum (>1784->1846)
MotherSusanna Lantz (~1789-)
Not listed with 49(19of68) Gum, Adam 1M 5-10, 1M 10-15, 1M 15-20, 1M 40-50, 2F <5, 1F 5-10, 1F 10-15, 1F 15-20, 1F 40-50 30278 (Assume married?)
Birth1809, Pendleton County, VA34422,34423,34424
Census1850, Highland County, VA34419
FatherFrancis Nicholas (1775-1865)
MotherCatharine Waybright (ca1775-)
Misc. Notes
In the grand juries of Pendleton during the first decade of its history, we find the following Highland representation: George Nicholas17475
Marriage31 Jan 1830, Pendleton County, VA34403,34404,34405,34406,34408,34425,34410,34426,34427,34421,34414
Marr Memoby Min. John Bowen
ChildrenAdam F. (~1831-)
 Cyntha Ann (~1834-)
 James W. (~1837-)
 Frensceenor (~1839-)
 Mary A. (~1841-)
 Renick L. (~1845-)
 Jones (~1845-)
 Margaret (~1846-)
 George (~1848-)
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