Birth Memoabt 1791 Greenbrier Co VA? 1792 Nicholas Co VA?
Census1810, Bath County, VA33774,33847
Census1820, Bath County, VA33846
Census1830, Bath County, VA33833,33849
Census1840, Bath County, VA33845,33818,33850
Census1850, Greenbrier County, VA33822,33843
FatherTimothy Holcomb (1756-1840)
MotherElizabeth Griffin (1755->1830)
Ln 18 Gum, Alice, W F, d: 22 Sep 1882 Hightown Parents: Roger & Alice Gum20664 (Her mother Alice or Matilda?)

Pg 112: 1882: Gum, Alice, Parents: Roger & Alice Gum13181 (Mother Alice or Matilda?)
Birth Memoabt 1783
Census1810, Bath County, VA33774,33804
Land Purchaseabt 1813, Bath County, VA33805,33806
Purchase MemoDeed, B. & S., Timothy Holcomb to Roger Gum, same.
Land Purchase8 Apr 1815, Bath County, VA30193,30195
Purchase Memo100 acres
Undefined13 Aug 1816, Bath County, VA32208,32209
Undefined MemoGrand Jury
Land Sold18 Nov 1817, Bath County, VA33807
Land Sold MemoTimothy Holcomb to Roger Gum
Land Purchase13 Jun 1818, Bath County, VA33808
Purchase MemoDeed of B. & S., Timothy Holcomb to Roger Gum, ack. and adm. to record
Census1820, Bath County, VA33809
Undefinedbef 19 Sep 1823, Pendleton County, VA33810
Undefined MemoAppraisal of McBride Gum. his brother-in-law; Notes: Roger Gum
UndefinedJun 1824, Bath County, VA28792
Undefined Memoon jury with John Chestnut, John Galford, Adam Bumgardner, Otho Gum & Abraham Gum
Undefined9 Nov 1824, Bath County, VA33811
Undefined Memoon Grand Jury
UndefinedApr 1827, Bath County, VA30144
Undefined Memofrom father, John Gum Will: land where they now live, on the waggon road (near Little Mountain), subject to wife’s life interest
Undefined10 Apr 1827, Bath County, VA30114,30199,30213,30200
Undefined MemoExecutor for John Gum, dec'd (his father)
Census1830, Bath County, VA33812,33813
Land Sold2 Mar 1832, Bath County, VA33814
Land Sold MemoRoger & Matilda Gum sold 10 ac to Stewart Slaven
Land Purchase29 Nov 1833, Bath County, VA33815
Purchase Memo179 Acres on W. of Back Mountain & Waters of Back Crk, Land Ofc Grants No. 82,1833, p 389 Reel 148
Undefined17 Oct 1837, Bath County, VA27659
Undefined MemoConsents for daughter Elsy (Alice) Gum to Marry McBride Gum
Undefined11 Nov 1837, Bath County, VA33342
Undefined Memoon Grand Jury
Land Purchase26 Jun 1838, Bath County, VA33816
Purchase MemoRoger & Matilda Gum made a deed of trust
Census1840, Bath County, VA33817,33818,33819
Undefined10 Aug 1841, Bath County, VA33820
Undefined MemoRoger Gum agt Davis Hamilton, on a writ of forcible detainer, verdict for the plaintiff
Undefined10 May 1842, Bath County, VA33821
Undefined MemoComm. agt Timothy Gum & others, Upon Ind. jury trials “We find Roger Gum guilty, & assess his ‘amercement’ to one cent & the other defts, not guilty”
DeathDec 1843, Bath County, VA33822,33823,33824,33825,33826,33827
Death MemoJan 1844 Bath County VA?
Will Filed12 Mar 1844, Bath County, VA33828
Will Filed MemoCharles Stuart, Sheriff of Bath County ordered to administer estate of Roger Gum
FatherJohn E. Gum III (~1756-<1827)
MotherMary Wade (1748-1838)
Misc. Notes
p. 287, June 10, .1817: "On motion of Otho Gum ordered Roger Gum, Frederick Bird and James Burke view for a road through lands of said Gum and Isaac Gum on Back Creek and make a report.21238

Pg 133 p.215 Will of John Gum Prob Apr 1827 court: Beq: balance to the children of son Roger2101

1840 VA Pensioners Census, Bath County: Timothy Holcomb age 85, residing with Roger Gum33829 (his father-in-law)

Revolutionary War Pension Census 184118593 (His Father-in-law)
Pg 134 Bath Co, VA, Timothy Holcomb, age 85 yrs, Names of Heads of families with whom pensioners resided 1 Jun 1840: Roger Gum
1820 VA Bath Co Census 170(18of21)3158 Roger Gum 2M <10, 1M 10-16, 1M 26-45, 1F <10, 1F 10-16, 1F 26-45, 1F 45+ (Who is Female 45+?)

The 1810 VA Bath County census lists: Roger Gum: I male 26-45; 1 f. 26-45; 1 male under 1021238 (who is male under 10?)

1810 VA Bath Co Census Pg 4 Roger Gum (?) 1M <10, 1M 16-26, 1F 16-26 (Male 16-26)1890 (Who is male under 10? Note different ages 16-26 vs 26-45 above?)
Marriagebef 1810, Bath County, VA33823,33824,33825,33836,33851,33852
Marr Memo1803-1829?
ChildrenTimothy (>1804-1902)
 Martha (1810-)
 James R. (~1811-<1862)
 Alice (1812-1882)
 Joseph (>1815-)
 Mary J. (>1815-)
 Cornelius H. (1815-1864)
 John (1818-1858)
 Huldah (~1823-)
 Jesse Uriah (1824-1900)
 Elizabeth (1828-)
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