Birthabt 1790, Bath County, VA33305,33328,33307,33329,28608,33311,33312,33323,33330,33331,21187,21188
Birth Memobet 1790-1800?, bet 1775-1794? bet 1784-1794?
Undefined28 Mar 1806, Bath County, VA33332
Undefined MemoBuyer at Sale of estate of Abraham Gum, his father
Census1810, Bath County, VA28608,21172
Undefined1816, Pendleton County, VA33333
Undefined Memosuit by Jacob Gum against all the heirs of John Gum Sr, dec’d
Undefined2 Jul 1817, Pendleton County, VA21167,28609,28610
Undefined MemoHenry Buzard Pltf In Chancery against Gum family
Census1820, Bath County, VA33328,33312
Undefinedabt 19 Sep 1823, Pendleton County, VA33334
Undefined MemoAppraisal of McBride Gum, his 1st cousin. Notes: Otho Gum
UndefinedJun 1824, Bath County, VA28792
Undefined MemoRoger Gum on jury with John Chestnut, John Galford, Adam Bumgardner, Otho Gum & Abraham Gum
UndefinedJun 1825, Bath County, VA33335
Undefined MemoSettlement of estate Abraham Gum; Debts & Credits
UndefinedJan 1826, Bath County, VA24988
Undefined Memofrom his uncle, Otho Wade Will: part of 88 ac patented land given to his son Leonard and part of an adjacent tract not yet surveyed, except Otho Gum is to have the part of this land known as the Collins Sugar Camp if he pays the costs of entering and surveying it
Undefined24 Mar 1826, Bath County, VA33336
Undefined MemoSale of estate of Otho Wade-Buyers: Otho Gum
Undefined17 Mar 1827, Bath County, VA33337
Undefined MemoSale of estate of Otho Wade Jr.; Bond owed Otho Wade Sr.(sic-Jr.): Otho Gum
Land Purchase30 Oct 1828, Bath County, VA24994
Purchase Memo64 acres on Back Creek Valley, Land Office Grants No. 77, 1827-1828, p410 (Reel 143)
Census1830, Bath County, VA33305,33338
Undefined1 Dec 1831, Bath County, VA33339
Undefined MemoSettlement of estate of Otho Wade Sr., Debits and Credits: Otho Gum
Undefined1 Oct 1833, Bath County, VA33340
Undefined MemoSettlement of estate of Otho Wade Sr., Debits and Credits: Otho Gum
Land Purchase31 Aug 1836, Bath County, VA33341
Purchase Memo100 acres on east side of Back Creek, Survey 14 Dec 1834, Treasury Warrant No. 12(?)238, Delvd to Col Byrd Mar 2, 1837, Land Ofc Grants No. 86, 1836, p336 (Reel 152)
Undefined11 Nov 1837, Bath County, VA33342
Undefined Memoon Grand Jury
Land Purchase1838, Pendleton County, VA33343
Purchase Memo43 ac East side of Back Mountain, Book 3, Pg 14
Will Filed6 Feb 1840, Bath County, VA33314,23231,33344,33345
Will Filed MemoWill dated Wit: Reuben Slaven & Davis Hamilton; Probated Mar 1840 Court; Exec: wife Elizabeth and John Lightner
Death17 Feb 1840, Bath County, VA33310,33329,28659,33346,33347,33348,33323,33349,33350,21187,21188
Death Memo49 yrs, 17 Feb 1848? bef 13 Feb 1844?
Burialaft 17 Feb 1840, Gum Family Cemetery, Vanderpool, Highland County, VA33329,33351,33323,33352,21188
Will Filed10 Mar 1840, Bath County, VA33314,23231,33353
Will Filed MemoWill probated court
Will Filed1840, Bath County, VA33354
Will Filed MemoExecutor Bond
Will Filed1840, Bath County, VA33355
Will Filed MemoInventory
Will Filed1840, Bath County, VA33356
Will Filed MemoSale
Will Filed1 Jun 1844, Bath County, VA33357,33358
Will Filed MemoSettlement - estate; Administrator: John Lightner; settled by S. Ruckman; Mentions rent for the Wade Pasture
Will Filed20 Jun 1846, Bath County, VA33359,33360
Will Filed MemoSettlement - estate; Exec: John Lightner, settled by Samuel Ruckman
Land Purchase1847, Highland County, VA28232
Purchase MemoHome, Head of Back Creek, 8 mi SW of Monterey, VA on Rt 271 (Picture)
Will Filed1850, Highland County, VA28232
Will Filed MemoHome, Head of Back Creek, 8 mi SW of Monterey, VA on Rt 271 (Picture)
FatherAbraham Gum (1754->1805)
MotherPriscilla Callahan Wade (1758-1842)
Misc. Notes
S 518 GumCem(00312.tif)GumGraveyd.Loc On the land of IsaacGum,nearMill Gap,VA. Date1804 oldest inscription.Inscriptions:William, son of O. & E. Gum. Died Dec 1827. Aged 6 yrs.2095 (Is this another son?)

Pg 195 p.496 Will of Otho Gum dtd 6 Feb 1840; Wit: Reuben Slaven & Davis Hamilton; Probated Mar 1840 Court; Exec: wife Elizabeth and John Lightner2101
Beq: to beloved wife Elizabeth her living on the home place for life, with household and kitchen furniture, 6 cows, a sorrel mare, a yearling colt and 20 sheep
all farm utensils to remain on the place for the benefit of the family, along with all hogs a bald horse and a bay mare, then to be equally divided among his daughters
to son Adam the tract known as the Collins Place plus land taken by me and William Gum, adjoining Leonard Wade, and 100 ac

Pg 16 Will Bk 5 p. 58 Settlement - estate of Otho Gum; 1 Jun 1844 Administrator: John Lightner; settled by S. Ruckman; Mentions rent for the Wade Pasture1449
Pg 32 p. 172 Settlement -estate of Otho Gum 20 Jun 1846; Exec: John Lightner, settled by Samuel Ruckman
Payments made to Adam Lightner (guardian of Mary Jane Gum), Steuart S. Wade who married Susan Gum. Adam L. Gum (guardian of Sarah E. Gum) and Peter Lightner (guardian of Priscilla Gum)

Will Books Bath County, VA 1830-184?12284
Pg 496 Otho Gum Will... wife Elizabeth, sons Adam, Peter, daughters Susan, Priscilla, Sarah E. and Mary Jane. dated 6 Feb 1840
Pg 507 Otho Gum Inventory 26 Mar 1840 = $1602.50 John Lightner, Executor
Why wasn’t Otho listed with Elizabeth in 1840 Census? 18(36of42)Bottom Elizabeth Gum2408

Update 5/28/2005 - 6. Otho Gum d: bef 1810 + Unknown + Elizabeth Lightner b: 8 Oct 1800 d: 8 Jul 18854467 (An earlier marriage?)
Census1820, Bath County, VA33379,33312
Census1830, Bath County, VA33380
Census1840, Bath County, VA33381,33382
UndefinedMar 1840, Bath County, VA33383
Undefined MemoExecutrix for Will of Otho Gum along with John Lightner; home place for life, household and Kitchen furniture, 6 cows, a sorrel mare, a yearling colt & 20 sheep
UndefinedJan 1843, Bath County, VA33315
Undefined MemoWill of Adam Lightner, to daughter Elizabeth wife of Otho Gum, all property she took when married
UndefinedJan 1843, Bath County, VA11265
Undefined MemoWill of Adam Lightner; 4th & 5th sons Peter & Jacob, the home plantation if they pay $500 to Elizabeth w/i 4-5 yrs & furnish wife Susan w/everything necessary for her comfortable support
Census1850, Pocahontas County, VA33371
Census Memo47th District
Census1860, Pocahontas County, VA33370
Census MemoGreen Bank
Death8 Jul 188533310
FatherAdam Lightner (1765-<1843)
MotherSusannah Harper (1777-1868)
Pg 98, 1844 Jan 23 Marr Bond Hugh McGloughlin & Elizabeth Gum. Surety, Adam Lightner. Elizabeth consents for herself. Witnesses. A. L. Gum & A. Lightner1462 (Her? 2nd Marriage? Adam Lightner - her father? A. L. Gum - her son?)
Marriage21 Oct 1819, Bath County, VA33302,33306,33308,33313,19668,33384,33325,33369,33327,21188
Marr MemoMarriage Bond 16 Oct 1819; by Min. Otho Wade
ChildrenAdam Lightner (1820-1880)
 William (1821-1827)
 Susan Sarah L. (1824-1886)
 Abraham W. (1832-)
 Sarah E. (1829-1853)
 Priscilla (~1826-1861)
 Mary Jane G. (>1830-)
 Peter Lightner (1837-1916)
 Otho (1840-1904)
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