Birthabt 1785, Pendleton County, VA33200,33025,33206,33207
Birth Memo1780/1790?
Undefined1 Aug 1820, Pendleton County, VA33208
Undefined Memofrom Jacob Gum, his father, Will all the property I gave him when he left me & to receive from brother, Jacob $100 over 2 yrs
Undefined15 Sep 1820, Pendleton County, VA33209
Undefined MemoPurchaser of Jacob Gum estate, his father
Will Filed7 Feb 1847, Bond County, IL33210
Will Filed MemoWill written and recorded
Death7 Mar 1847, Bond County, IL33200,33211,33212
Death MemoPendleton Co VA?
Will Filed15 May 1847, Bond County, IL
Will Filed MemoWill proved by Jacob Gum and Isaac Gum
Anst File#AFN:1TNC-90V33200
FatherJacob Gum Sr. (~1748->1820)
MotherDorothy Arbogast (~1769-<1839)
Not listed with parents (23of27) Jacob Gum 1M <10, 1M 10-16, 1M 16-26, 1M 45+, 1F <10, 2F 10-16, 1F 26-455221, 1810VAPendPg43133213

Not included in Pg 29 Sep 5, 1839 Heirs of Jacob4 Gum et al to Henry Gum (S: Pendleton Co Deed Bk XIV, p. 531)14288
Birthca 1785, Scotland33215
Deathabt 1825, Madison County, IN33216
Anst File#AFN:1TND-BLW33200
Marriageabt 1825, IN33214
Birthaft 1800, PA33219,33220
Birth Memobef 1810; abt 1806?
Anst File#AFN:1TNC-JLS33200
Marriageabt 1826, Madison County, IN33200,33217,33221
Marr Memoabt 1825?
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