Birthabt 1745, Sussex County, DE33055,33056,33057,33058,33059,33060,33061,33062,33067,33068
Birth Memoabt 1746? bet 1770-1780 VA? Augusta Co VA?
Residenceabt 1790, VA33069
Reside Memoleft for Green County, TN
Residenceabt 1790, Green County, TN33069
Undefined MemoSuit for running out of debts
Residence1808, Knox County, KY33071,33072
Reside MemoWilliam Graham appointed to represent her interests
Undefined1816, Pendleton County, VA30196,33073
Undefined MemoBrother Jacob Gum brought suit against the rest of the family
Undefined2 Jul 1817, Pendleton County, VA21167,28609,28610
Undefined MemoHenry Buzard Pltf In Chancery against Gum family
Residence2 Jul 181733074,33075,33076
Reside MemoLeft VA
Undefined22 Aug 1818, Pendleton County, VA33077,32138
Undefined MemoA release of her (Patience Gum Chestnut) interests was filed Pendleton Co Aug 22, 1818 Release to Jacob Gum from Patience Chestnut. William Graham, agent of Patience Chestnut, heir of John Gum to Jacob Gum. For $30, she releases claim as heir John Gum deceased to land which said Jacob Gum now lives
Residenceabt 1818, Silverville, Lawrence County, IN33078
Death1825, Lawrence County, IN33055,33057,33058,33059,33060,33079,33080,33081
Death Memobet 1821-30, abt 1828? 1821?
FatherJohn Gum (1715-<1802)
MotherAlice Fisher (~1718-~1797)
Misc. Notes
1791 Joseph Malcom & Joseph Beith filed suit against them for running out on debts, Source: Chalkley Vol 1 pg 39521086
Not listed as child of John Gum II17475
Not listed as child of John Gum28507

1818 Patience -Benjamin-John Jr. moved to Lawrence Co., IN 21086(Who are Benjamin & John Jr.?)

Pg 402 The 1810 Augusta Co Census lists: John Chesnut & Jane Chestnut. The Bath Co VA census lists a John Chesnut21240 (Her/Them - He died in 1805?)
Birth18 Jun 1746, Augusta County, VA33055,33057,33058,33086,33087,33088
Birth Memobet 1770-1780? abt 1739?
Land Purchase15 Feb 1768, Augusta County, VA33089
Purchase Memo232 ac by survey to John Chesnut (sic) on Bull Pasture Mountain. The land is now in Highland County, VA
Land Purchase1772, Augusta County, VA33090
Purchase Memoland received from his father, William Chestnut
Land Sold26 Apr 1779, Augusta County, VA33091
Land Sold Memosold land to William Boyd
Land Purchase1782, Augusta County, VA33092
Purchase MemoBull Pasture Mountain, 232 acres Survey for John Chesnut
Residenceabt 1790, VA33069
Reside Memoleft VA for Green County, TN
Residenceabt 1790, Green County, TN33069
Land Purchaseaft 1800, Knox County, KY33093
Purchase Memoin the Talbot survey
Will Filed21 Mar 1805, Knox County, KY33094
Will Filed MemoWill dated
Deathaft 21 Mar 1805, Knox County, KY33086,33095,33096
Will FiledMay 1805, Knox County, KY33094
Will Filed MemoWill Probated
FatherWilliam Chestnut (~1716-1788)
Misc. Notes
Abstracts of Bath County VA Wills, Pg 44: p. 349 Inventory Abraham Gum Submitted Mar 21, 1806 by Wm Dinwiddie & Henry & Stuart Slaven...notes and accounts of John Chestnut & Pg 120, p. 106 Sale of estate of Abraham Gum, Mar 28, 1806? Bond: John Chestnut2101
John Chesnut Mil Svc 1777 Augusta Co VA (S66 Virginians in the Revolution, Gwalthmey, 1938, in Capt Hopkins Co, Augusta VA, William was fined for missing Capt Hopkins’ militia muster on September 8, 1777 and this is the only known record of evidence of his service.3006 (Note William was fined, not John?)

Pg 402 John Chesnut served in Capt Hopkins Company of Augusta County in 1777 in the Revolutionary War21240
Marriageabt 1765, Augusta County, VA33055,33059,33061,33097,33098,33066
Marr Memobef 1808? bef 1779? abt 1768?
ChildrenWilliam Gordon (~1767-1802)
 Ann (~1770-)
 Jenny (~1773-)
 John (~1773-)
 Jacob (~1776-)
 Abraham (1782-)
 Nancy (1790-)
 Benjamin (<1784-<1830)
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