Birth Memo21 Jan 1776? Rockingham Co, VA? Pendleton Co, VA? Pocahontas, VA?
Census1810, Pendleton County, VA32497
Census1820, Pendleton County, VA32498
Census1850, Highland County, VA32481
Census Memo25th District
Census1860, Highland County, VA32492
Census MemoMonterey
Death5 Oct 1861, Seybert Hills, Highland County, VA32482,32485,32014,32487,32488,32018,32489,32490,32491,32493,32021,32495,32519,32520,32521,32522,32523,32524
Death MemoFarm, Monterey, Straight Creek, 83 yrs 7 mos 18 das of Thyroid fever; Montgomery, VA? aft 1850 Strait Creek, VA?
Alias/AKAPolly, Mary Ann Gum32021,32526,32527,32528
FatherIsaac Gum (~1750-<1830)
MotherMartha Jane (Mary) McBride (~1758-<1796)
Birth MemoBerkeley Co, VA? 1774? 1775? 25 Jan 1776? 27 Jan 1776? 25 Jan 1776?
Undefined5 Oct 1795, Pendleton County, VA27597
Undefined MemoBond of Rachel Seybert & Jacob Seybert, administrators of Henry Seybert
Undefinedaft 10 Oct 1795, Pendleton County, VA32574
Undefined Memofrom father, Henry Seybert’s Will: tract I now live on, he to pay ₤54, VA, in equal shares to each brother and sister as they come of age
Census1810, Pendleton County, VA32536
Land Purchase13 Aug 1810, Pendleton County, VA32575
Purchase Memo7 acres on the waters of Sraight Creek between the lands of Jones, Trimbles & his own, Land Ofc Grants No.61, 181-1811, p140 (Reel 127), Warrant No.4299 issued 11th Jan 1806, Survey 12 Mar 1806
Undefined5 Apr 1813, Pendleton County, VA32576,32549
Undefined MemoExecutor for his Uncle Nicholas Seybert
Undefined16 Apr 1813, Pendleton County, VA32577
Undefined MemoPurchaser at the Nicholas Seybert estate, his uncle
Undefined16 Jul 1813, Pendleton County, VA32578
Undefined MemoPurchaser at the further part of the estate of Nicholas Seybert sale
Undefined26 Dec 1814, Pendleton County, VA32579
Undefined MemoPurchaser of lands of Nicholas Seybert, tract adjoining Peter Hull at Straight Creek
Undefined20 May 1819, Pendleton County, VA32580
Undefined MemoSettlement of the estate of Nicholas Seybert, his uncle
Census1820, Pendleton County, VA32537
Tax List1822, Pendleton County, VA32581
Tax List Memonow Highland Co.
Census1830, Pendleton County, VA32582
Undefined1830, Pendleton County, VA32583
Undefined MemoExecutor of Isaac Gum’s Will
Census1840, Pendleton County, VA32584
Census1850, Highland County, VA32530,32585
Census Memo25th District, formerly Pendleton County, VA
Will Filed1857, Highland County, VA32586
Will Filed MemoWill dated
Death MemoStraight Creek; 82 yrs from affection of heart; 1854? 1856? 29 Mar 1857? 30 Mar 1857?
BurialSeybert Hills, Highland County, VA32495
Burial MemoSeybert Family Cemetery, Monterey
Will Filed1857, Highland County, VA32608
Will Filed MemoAdmin
Will Filed1857, Highland County, VA32609
Will Filed MemoSale
Will Filed1857, Highland County, VA32610
Will Filed MemoInventory
FatherJohn Henry Seybert (1743-1795)
MotherRachel Trail (1752-<1859)
Misc. Notes
Pg 432 Mary Gum Marr: Jacob Sybert was probably a brother of Elizabeth Seybert, who married Mary’s brother, Abraham 5 Gum.21240
Research The Papers of George Washington
Seybert (Siebert), Jacob (of Frederick County), 5:338
(File: GenData/Library/Archives/PapersGWashington)

Pg 157 Inventories 4 pg 284-286:20332 31 Aug 1818. Notes and Bonds due the estate of Col. Peter Hull. Significant default dates noted. Jacob Seybert (Him?)
Pg 186 Muster rolls of 1794 of the two Pendleton companies were almost wholly within the Highland area. The district of Captain Janes comprised Crabbottom & Straight Creek. That of Captain McCoy included the northern end of Stonewall District. Recommendations and Appointments: Seybert, Jacob - Lieut. 1817*. (* known fact)17475

Pg 187 Muster rolls of 1794 Captain William Janes company comprised Crabbottom & Straight Creek. Seybert, Jacob17475
Marr Memo30 May 1799?
ChildrenIsaac (ca1800->1878)
 UNNAMED (>1800-)
 Hester (>1800-)
 UNNAMED (>1802-)
 Andrew (1804-1861)
 Anne (ca1804-1870)
 Margaret (>1804-)
 Henry (1805-1891)
 Mary (1810-1859)
 Jacob (1813-1887)
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