Birth Memo1787? bet 1770-1780?
Census1810, Bath County, VA32314,32315,32316
Census1820, Bath County, VA32317,32318,27083
Undefinedabt 19 Sep 1823, Pendleton County, VA32319
Undefined MemoAppraisal of McBride Gum, his brother-in-law; Notes: Leonard Gum
UndefinedApr 1827, Bath County, VA30144
Undefined Memofrom father, John Gum Will: Beq: land where they now live, on the waggon road (near Little Mountain) to sons Roger and Leonard, subject to wife’s life interest
Census1830, Bath County, VA32320,32321
Land Purchase29 Nov 1833, Bath County, VA32322
Purchase Memo92 acres, E. of Back Creek Mountain, Land Ofc Grant No. 82, 1833, p 390 (Reel 148), next to Thomas Ruckman
Undefined6 Jul 1835, Bath County, VA32323
Undefined MemoConsents for daughter, Rachel to Marry Michael Trainer
Undefined25 Dec 1837, Bath County, VA29548
Undefined MemoConsents for daughter, Huldah to Marry Zachariah Tomlinson
Land Purchase11 Sep 1839, Bath County, VA32324,32325
Purchase MemoJesse Slaven & Ann deeded land to Leonard Gum, Bath Co Deed Bk VIV, 1837-1842, p.255)
Undefinedabt 10 Oct 1839, Bath County, VA32326,32327
Undefined Memoon Jury, Bath Co. Order Bk 1838-1843, p.129
Undefined10 Oct 1839, Bath County, VA32328,32329
Undefined Memo"Campbell and Pullins agt. Leonard Gum. In debt, Pltf. got $35. 37.
Land Purchase12 Nov 1839, Bath County, VA32330,32331
Purchase MemoJesse Slaven and Ann, Deed, acknowledged and ordered recorded
Census1840, Bath County, VA32332,24331,32333
Land Purchase5 Dec 1842, Bath County, VA32334
Purchase MemoReubin Slaven & Betsey, his wife to Leonard & Kersey Gum, (Has this been misread for Henry, a son?)
Land Purchase14 Mar 1843, Bath County, VA32335
Purchase MemoDeed, Reubin Slaven & Betsey Ann, his wife to Leonard & Henry Gum, ack. & admitted to record
Land Purchase14 Oct 1845, Bath County, VA32336
Purchase MemoDeed fm David Given & Margaret, his wife, to Leonard Gum, ack and Ordered Recorded
Land Sold12 May 1846, Bath County, VA32337
Land Sold MemoDeed Leonard Gum & Ann, his wife, to Wm Byrd, ack. & adm. to record
Land Sold12 May 1846, Bath County, VA20848
Land Sold MemoDeed Leonard Gum & Ann, his wife, to David Gwin ack. & adm. to record
Residence29 Apr 1848, Bath County, VA20849
Reside Memoland joining Michael Trainer, David Gwin, Land Office Grant #100, p.94 (Reel 166)
Census1850, Highland County, VA32338,32339,24335,30118
Census MemoDistrict 25, formerly Bath County, VA
Will Filed1853, Highland County, VA27039,32340,32341
Will Filed MemoWill Bk I, pg 124
Death Memoperitonitis; 65 yrs 2 mos 12 das
Burialaft 10 Jul 1853, Gum Cemetery, Back Creek, Highland County, VA32361,30104,32362,32309,32363,30136
Burial Memoon the L. H. Blagg farm, County Route 600; Greenbrier Co WV? Pocahontas Co WV? Hightown, Highland Co VA?
Will Filed1853, Highland County, VA32364
Will Filed MemoAdmin
Will Filed1853, Highland County, VA32365
Will Filed MemoExecutor Bond
Anst File#AFN:10SD-WP532371
FatherJohn E. Gum III (~1756-<1827)
MotherMary Wade (1748-1838)
Misc. Notes
p. 263, Dec. 10, 1816: "On motion of Nathaniel Pendleton ordered that Stuart Slaven, Wm. Dinwiddie, John Gum, Sr. , and Leonard Gum to view a way for an alternation to be made on the lands of Pendleton on Jackson River and report."21238
1840VA BathCo 18(36of42)Bottom2408 1840VABathNoTwp1272735 Leonard Gum 1M 10-15, 1M 15-20, 1M 50-60, 1F 10-15, 1F 15-20, 1F 30-40, 1F 50-60 (Who is Female 30-40?)
1840 Bath Co census 1male 50-60 (Leonard) 1M 30-40 (Henry) Im 20-30 (Wm. S.) Im 15-20 (Charles Morgan) 1f 20-30 (Francis) Im under 5 (Leonard) 1m 10-15 (Jehu) 1f 20-30 (Martha) 1f 50-60 (Ann) If 30-40 (unidentified) 1f 15-20 (Keziah) 1f 10-15 (Sally)32372 (Henry and William are listed separately from Leonard, I don’t see 1f 20-30 Francis or 1f 20-30 Martha or 1m under 5 Leonard listed with Leonard Gum or elsewhere?)

The 1810 Bath County census lists: Leonard Gum: I m. 26-45; 1 m. 10-16; 1 male under 10; 1 f. 26-45; 1 f. 10-16; 1 female under 10 (Lvs fm Gum Tree, pg521)21238 (actually Pg 521 Lvs fm Gum Tree only states “Leonard was married and living in Bath County in 1810 and had one daughter under 10)

1810 Bath Co VA Pg 5 Leonard Gum (?); 1M 16-26, 1F <10, 1F 16-261890 (Who is Female <10?)

Library of VA, VA Memory1464
Bath County, Index # 1847-006, Original Case # 011 & 012, Plaintiff: John Gum; Defendant: Leonard Gum, etc; Surnames: Boyer, Fultz, Gum, Ruckman, Stewart; Format: LVA Microfilm Reel # 28; Local Reel # 007; Image 0246
Birth MemoPendleton Co WV? abt 1790? 1789?
Census1810, Bath County, VA32314,32441,32442
Census1820, Bath County, VA32443,27083
Census1830, Bath County, VA32444,32445
Census1840, Bath County, VA32446,24331,32447
Census1850, Highland County, VA32448,32449
Census MemoDistrict 25
Undefined1854, Highland County, VA32450
Undefined MemoRenounced Will of her husband, Leonard
Census1860, Upshur County, VA32430
Census MemoBuchannon Post Office, Enumerated with her dau, Keziah & her husband James M. Matheny
Death23 Dec 1861, Upshur County, VA32451,32452,32453,32454,32455,32456,32457,32458,32459,32460,30136,27479,32291
Death Memoage 76 years 8 months 18 days; Cause: Measles
BurialDec 1861, Gum Mountain, Upshur County, VA32461,27479
Burial MemoOnly initials and date on grave; Buckhannon
Anst File#AFN:VD2G-HF32462
FatherJohn Henry Seybert (1743-1795)
MotherRachel Trail (1752-<1859)
Marriage12 Nov 1806, Pendleton County, VA32463,32244,32464,32465,32466,27418,27569,27433,32467,32468,32469,32470,32290
Marr Memo1810? Bath Co, VA? bef 1809?
ChildrenMary (1808-1881)
 Henry (1810-1892)
 Otho (1811-1887)
 Rachel Virginia (1814-1887)
 William S. (1816-1882)
 Huldah (1818-1877)
 Mary Ann (1820-1891)
 Sarah H. (1821-)
 Charles Morgan (1824-)
 Francis (>1825-)
 Annie Keziah (1826-1904)
 Jehu (1829-)
 John V. (1830->1894)
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