Birthabt 1758, Augusta County, VA32009,32011,32021,32070
Birth Memoabt 1750?
Deathbef 12 Oct 1796, Augusta County, VA32009,32011,32041,32071
Death Memo24 Nov 1796? bef 1797?
Birth Memobef 1753? bef 1765? 1752? 1741?
Land Purchase18 Aug 1773, Highland County, VA29875,29952,29997
Purchase MemoGap of North Mountain, from his parents, John & Alice Gum, Augusta Co Bond & Security Bk 19 & Chalkley, Vol III, pg 533
Land Purchase29 Aug 1774, Highland County, VA32034,32035,29980,32036,30000
Purchase MemoBack Creek, S. of Meadowdale, P. 1784, 220 acres, from father, John Gum, patented 7 Jul 1769 in Gap of North Mountain, Chalkley III, pg 533
Land Sold22 Mar 1779, Rockingham County, VA32037
Land Sold MemoDeeded land to Abraham Smith
Land Purchase1780, Highland County, VA32038
Purchase Memoadjacent himself, 200 acres
Land Purchase1787, Highland County, VA32039
Purchase MemoHeadwaters of SB - Patent, 193 acres
Tax List1789, Pendleton County, VA30028
Tax List MemoIsaac Gum paid tax
Tax List1790, Pendleton County, VA30028
Tax List MemoIsaac Gum paid tax
Residenceabt 1790, Pendleton County, VA30032
Tax List1791, Pendleton County, VA30028
Tax List MemoIsaac Gum paid tax
Tax List1792, Pendleton County, VA30040,32040
Tax List MemoIsaac Gum paid tax
Tax List1793, Pendleton County, VA30040
Tax List MemoIsaac Gum paid tax
Tax List1794, Pendleton County, VA30044
Tax List MemoIsaac Gum paid tax
Tax List1795, Pendleton County, VA30044
Tax List MemoIsaac Gum paid tax
Tax List1796, Pendleton County, VA30044
Tax List MemoIsaac Gum paid tax
Land Sold12 Oct 1796, Bath County, VA32041
Land Sold Memodeeded land to Adam Boyers, Bath County had been formed in 1790
Tax List1797, Pendleton County, VA30044
Tax List MemoIsaac Gum paid tax
Land Sold11 Apr 1797, Bath County, VA32042
Land Sold Memodeed of Bargain and Sale to Charles Erwin, was acknowledged and ordered recorded
Tax List1799, Pendleton County, VA30044
Tax List MemoIsaac Gum paid tax
Census1800, Pendleton County, VA32043
Census MemoThe 1798 assessment list takes the place of the 1800 census which was destroyed, Isaac Gum was listed: 1 tithe, 6 horses
Tax List1800, Pendleton County, VA30044
Tax List MemoIsaac Gum paid tax
Tax List1801, Pendleton County, VA30044
Tax List MemoIsaac Gum paid tax
Land Purchase1802, Pendleton County, VA32044
Purchase Memo100 ac Crab Apple Bottom, Book 2, pg 168
Undefined13 Apr 1802, Pendleton County, VA32045,21885,32046
Undefined Memoexecutor of John Gum, his father’s, estate; Bond of $2000 made 13 Apr 1802
Tax List1804, Pendleton County, VA32047
Tax List MemoIsaac Gum paid tax
Land Purchase1804, Pendleton County, VA32048
Purchase Memo150 ac Back Creek, Book 2, Pg 235
Undefined28 Mar 1806, Bath County, VA32049
Undefined MemoBond at Sale of estate of Abraham Gum, his brother
Land Purchase12 Apr 1808, Bath County, VA32050
Purchase Memofrom John Sutton
Census1810, Pendleton County, VA32051,32052
Undefined16 Apr 1813, Pendleton County, VA32053
Undefined MemoPurchaser at Nicholas Seybert’s estate, his daughter, Mary Catherine Gum’s husband’s Uncle
Undefined11 Jun 1814, Pendleton County, VA32054
Undefined MemoSigned the Appraisal of James Stephenson
Undefined1816, Pendleton County, VA30196,32055
Undefined MemoBrother Jacob Gum brought suit against the rest of the family
Residence10 Jun 1817, Highland County, VA32056,32020
Reside MemoBack Creek
Undefined2 Jul 1817, Pendleton County, VA21167,32057,28610
Undefined MemoHenry Buzard Pltf in Chancery against Gum family
Undefined20 May 1819, Pendleton County, VA32058
Undefined MemoSettlement of the estate of Nicholas Seybert, Payment to Isaac Gum
Census1820, Pendleton County, VA32015
Land Purchase21 Jan 1821, Pendleton County, VA32059
Purchase Memoson Abraham & wife Elizabeth Gum sold to him 29 ac for $1 on headwaters of So Branch between his own entry and his fathers
Tax List1822, Pendleton County, VA28791
Tax List Memonow Highland Co.
Deathbef 7 Apr 1830, Pendleton County, VA32006,32060,32009,32011,32013,32030,32016,32020,32061,32062
Death Memoapoplexy
Will Filed7 Apr 1830, Pendleton County, VA32061,32063
FatherJohn Gum (1715-<1802)
MotherAlice Fisher (~1718-~1797)
Misc. Notes
Abstracts of Bath County VA Wills, Pg 44: p. 349 Inventory Abraham Gum Submitted Mar 21, 1806 by Wm Dinwiddie & Henry & Stuart Slaven...notes and accounts of Isaac Gum2101

Pg 14 (John Gum & Alice) named their first son, Isaac, and we suspect that name came from her (Alice’s) family.14288 (1st son?)

Pg 85 Will Book 4: pg 129-131:20332 Pg 427 (not exact same wording)21240 Image 92of25232064 no date. Isaac Gum. Sick in body. Wife Jane: 2 horses, mare, 4 cows, 6 sheep, 10 hogs, all of her choice; household and kitchen furniture during her life; also plows, horse gears, farm tools, Negro woman Jude: to wife for lifetime and to be free at her death, she then to live with my daughter Polly Sybert, “and I wish them to use her well.” Son John: Part of the plantation that I live on, with reference to a line marked in presence of Jacob Hevner and Valentine Bird, adjoining Jacob Hevener and my son Bridy Gum, an another line marked in presence of John Bird Jr. Son Isaac Gum: part of plantation adjoining Adam Hull and John Hevner’s new survey (part of my old survey and including 24 acres bought of George Hull). Son Bridy’s heirs: 172 (acres written but deleted), surveyed by John Bird Jr. Son Charles Gum: all the land adjoining and between Bridy Gum, Valentine Bird, the Back mountain, and Jacob Hevener; also $500 to be paid in 2 years, in sale notes or other notes to suit him. Sons John and Isaac: 173 acres in Chesnut Ridge I bought of my son Abraham; they to pay Abraham, Jacob, Charles, Bridy’s heirs, Mary Seybert, and Jane Arbogast $25 each in 5 years. Proceeds of sale of my silver-spotted rifle to be used for schooling of my son John’s son Ryley and my son Isaac’s dau Charlotte. John, Isaac, and Charles to pay unto my son Abraham $100 ea to be paid in 5 years after my death & my son Jacob pay $80 to my son Abraham in 5 years after my death. To my dau Jane all all property I gave her when she left ... my sons John and Isaac keep tract of land that I own on Back Creek containing 100 acres by their paying 150 to the balance if my heirs and if they do not see proper to take it in that way it is my will that the land be sold at public sale ad the money arising from it be equally divided amongst my heirs and as for the balance of my property I want it sold after my death at publick sale and after my debts be paid if there is any balance left I will and bequeath it to my two daughters Polly and Jane and lastly I appoint and ordain that my wife Jane and Adam Gum be executors of this my last will and testament ....
Probated 7 Apr 1830
Pg 193 Soldiers of the Revolution. Gathered from a variety of sources: Gum, Isaac - at Yorktown17475

Military Record: Served in Capt. Hull's Augusta County Militia,
listed in DAR Patriot Index 1966 pub. PVT VA21086

GumCem(00312.tif)2095Gum Graveyd.Loc On the land of Isaac Gum, near Mill Gap, VA. Date1804 oldest inscription. Owners Abraham Gum & descendants. Abraham..had a brother, IsaacGum who was a soldier in the War of the Revolution & was at Yorktown when British surrendered

DennisGumHome00508.tif2095 Loc Head of Back Creek, 8 mi SW of Monterey, VA on Route 271 Historical Significance: Isaac Gum was a soldier of the Revolution and took part at Yorktown

John Gum was not on Capt. Peter Hull's list with his brothers Isaac, Jacob, and William at Yorktown in 1777. 21238

"Peter Hull, Capt. 1777, and as such commanded a troop of cavalry in Yorktown. Muster roll of his company, 2nd Battalion, Augusta County Militia, 1779, taken from a list written by Lt. Seybert, and given in Morton's History of Highland County, Virginia. Privates: Isaac Gum, Jacob Gum, William Gum.,, 721238 Pg 2014288

Sybil Bailey Hutchens request to DAR, Ref #RXPGJZBK, 27555
Isaac Gum b:abt 1750 Augusta Co VA, d: 1830 Pendleton Co VW; War time Time Residence: Highland Co VA; Spouse: Martha Jane (Mary) McBride; Comments: PVT VA, with brothers Jacob Gum & William Gum, served in Capt Peter Hull’s company. 2nd Bn, Augusta Co Militia & was at Yorktown.
Father was John Gum Jr.
Auto Reply from DAR 2 Mar 2005: “Gum, Isaac, b: bef (ante) 1753, Service: VA, Rank Pvt, Death VA p 1796; Patriot Pensioned: No; Widow Pensioned: No; Children Pensioned: No; Heirs Pensioned: No; Spouse: (1) Jane McBride; membership information: http://www.dar/natsociety/prospective.cfm” Beverly F. Patriot Lookup Volunteer

Pg 2014288 Pg 39921240 Peter Hull, Capt, 1777 and as such commanded a troop of calvary in Yorktown, Muster roll of his company, 2nd Battalion, Augusta Co Militia 1779, taken from a list written by Lt. Seybert, and given in Morton’s History of Highland Co, VA. Privates: Isaac Gum, Jacob Gum, William Gum. (S: McAllister, VA Militia in the Revolution (1913) Augusta Co) (These would be John 3 Gum’s children)

VA Militia in the Revolutionary War1482
Part II VA Militia Pensioners
Pg 147 Section No. 180 Hull, Peter. - Captain, 1779 and as such commanded a troop of cavalry in Yorktown campaign.
Pg 148 Muster roll of his company Second Battalion Augusta militia, 1779. Taken from the list written by Lt Seybert, and given in Morton’s History of Highland County (VA).
Peter Hull, Captain
Nicholas Seybert, First Lt
Henry Fisher, Second Lt
Jacob Hoover, Ensign
Isaac Gum, Private

Isaac Gum: Military Record: Served in Capt Hull’s Augusta County Militia; listed in DAR Patriot Index 1966 pub = Pvt VA

Partial List of Early Settlers Revolutionary Soldiers & Graves of Augusta County Soldiers located to date32065
Image47of84 Capt Peter Hull’s Co 1781, Capt Peter Hull 1779 commander of troop of Cavalry at Yorktown Campaign:
Isaac Gum
Update 5/28/2005 - 5. Jacob Chestnut b: ? d: ? + Jean Erwin b: abt 1778 d: ?4467 (Shown as one of his son’s married to Jean Erwin - his 2nd wife according to other sources?)
Marriage22 Mar 1774, Bath County, VA32006,32016,32069
ChildrenAbraham (~1775->1832)
 Mary Catharine (1778-1861)
 McBride (~1780-<1823)
 Jacob Chestnut (~1785-1847)
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