NameGarnet/Garrett Peck 17466,17468,17474,17469,17470
Birthca 1755
Residenceca 1782, Highland County, VA17474
Reside MemoStraight Creek Valley above Forks of Waters
Misc. Notes
Pg 110 In the grand juries of Pendleton during the first decade of its history, we find the following Highland representation: Garrett Peck17475

Pg 110 (1792) Garrett Peck (surveyor) had the latter road around to the mough of Straight Creek.17475
Birthca 1755, Rhine River, Germany17467
Birth Memoabt 1733 - parents would only be 8 & 4 yrs old?
Anst File#15RX-SBS17467
FatherJohn Croddy (1725-1808)
MotherPeggy (~1729-)
Marriage4 Jan 1810, Rockbridge County, VA17466,17468,17469,17470
Marr MemoRev. Samuel Houston
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