Birth1796, Back Creek, Highland County, VA28775,28776,28777,28778,28779,28780,28755,28781,28782,28757,28783,28784,28785,28765,28786,28787
Birth Memo1795? 1798? bet 1800-10? Bath Co, VA? Upshur Co, VA?
Census1810, Bath County, VA28788,21172
Undefined1816, Pendleton County, VA28789
Undefined Memosuit by Jacob Gum against heirs of John Gum Sr, dec’d
Undefined2 Jul 1817, Pendleton County, VA21167,28609,28610
Undefined MemoHenry Buzard Pltf in Chancery agaiinst Gum family
Census1820, Bath County, VA28790,21300
Tax List1822, Pendleton County, VA28791
Tax List Memonow Highland Co
UndefinedJun 1824, Bath County, VA28792
Undefined MemoRoger Gum on jury with John Chestnut, John Galford, Adam Bumgardner, Otho Gum & Abraham Gum
UndefinedJun 1825, Bath County, VA28793
Undefined MemoSettlement of estate Abraham Gum; Debts & Credits
Undefined24 Mar 1826, Bath County, VA28794
Undefined MemoSale of estate of Otho Wade 24 Mar 1826-Buyers: Abraham Gum
Undefined17 Mar 1827, Bath County, VA28795
Undefined MemoSale of estate of Otho Wade Jr.: Buyer: Abraham Gum; also Bonds owed Otho Wade Sr (sic-Jr.): Abraham Gum
Undefined19 May 1827, Bath County, VA25194
Undefined MemoSurety and Witness to Marriage Bond for Sophia Wade (sister in law) to Marry Peter Bird
Residence30 Oct 1828, Bath County, VA24994
Reside MemoLand joining Survey for Abm Gum & Hnery Slavin of 250 acres
Census1830, Bath County, VA28796,28797
Census1840, Bath County, VA28798,28799
Land Purchase1847, Highland County, VA28800
Purchase MemoHouse, 7 mi SW of Monterey, VA (Picture)
Census1850, Highland County, VA28801,26949
Census MemoDistrict 25
Land Sold1854, Highland County, VA28800
Land Sold MemoHouse, 7 mi SW of Monterey, VA (Picture)
Census1860, Highland County, VA28751
Census MemoMeadow Dale
Undefined31 May 1862, Highland County, VA28802
Undefined Memoreported on the death of his son, James B. Gum
Undefined11 Jun 1862, Highland County, VA28803
Undefined Memoreported on the death of his son, Abraham R. Gum
Census1870, Highland County, VA28752
Census MemoBlue Grass, Montery
Will Filed30 Jul 1870, Highland County, VA28804,28805
Will Filed MemoWill dated
Death1 Oct 1872, Back Creek, Highland County, VA28806,28807,28808,21174,28809,28810,28811,28812
Death Memo76 yrs Urinal Affection; Blue Grass Township; 1870?
FatherAbraham Gum (1754->1805)
MotherPriscilla Callahan Wade (1758-1842)
Misc. Notes
Pg 81 Abraham Gum Will dtd 30 Jul 187024948
Executor: son William W. Gum
Sons: William W. Gum, Otho W. S. Gum, Charles W. Gum
wife: Mary Gum
daughter: Elizabeth H. now the wife of Chas B. Hamilton
Witnesses: James H. Byrd, Peter Gum
Presented in Highland County Court Nov Term 1872
Birth Memonow Highland County, VA; Back Creek
Census1820, Bath County, VA28836,28824
UndefinedJan 1826, Bath County, VA28839,28833
Undefined Memofrom Otho Wade, Father, will: a bay colt, saddle & bridle, heifer, 3 sheep & 2 geese
Undefined23 Mar 1826, Bath County, VA28840
Undefined MemoInventory-Otho Wade, left to Polly Wade
UndefinedFeb 1827, Bath County, VA24744
Undefined Memofrom brother, Otho Wade Jr. Will Beq to mother, sister Sophia, sister Polly and brother Abraham and James, 106 ac tract in the Little Valley
Census1830, Bath County, VA28835
Undefined1 Dec 1831, Bath County, VA28841
Undefined MemoSettlement of estate of Otho Wade Sr., Debits and Credits: Polly Wade
Undefined17 Jan 1835, Bath County, VA28842
Undefined MemoSettlement of estate of Otho Wade Jr. Debits and Credits: Polly Wade
Census1840, Bath County, VA28834,28843
Census1850, Highland County, VA28844,26949
Census MemoDistrict 25
Census1860, Highland County, VA28817
Census MemoMeadow Dale
Census1870, Highland County, VA28818
Census MemoBlue Grass, Montery
Census1880, Highland County, VA28815,28816
Census MemoBlue Grass
Census1900, Highland County, VA28820,28822,21174
Census MemoBlue Grass
DeathHighland County, VA28845
FatherRev. Otho Wade Sr. (1766-1825)
MotherCatharine Callahan (1771-1839)
John Woods 40 & Mary 37 live between Abraham Wade and James Wade (22of92)17922 (Could be there sister?)

Ln 5 Gum, Polly, W F, d: 25? Dec 1881 Back Creek; Cause: Consumption; 76 yrs; Parents: Gum, Leonard & Anna; b: Back Creek; Occ: Domestic; Consort: Gum, Abraham; Info: T___linton, neighbor20664 (Her? Parents different? Reunion note under Mary Gum, w/o John Gum)
Marriage17 Jan 1833, Bath County, VA28750,21174,28758,24899,28848,28849,28832,28774
Marr MemoMarr Bond 1 Jan 1833; by Min. R. Slaven; 7 Jan 1833? 1835?
ChildrenCharles W. (1833-1911)
 Elizabeth H. (1835-)
 William Washington (1839-1916)
 James B. (1840-1862)
 Otho W. Scott (1847-1905)
 Abraham B. or R. (1851-1862)
 Mary C. (1854-1857)
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