Birth25 Jul 1771, Rockingham County, VA24731,24732,24733,24734,24735,24727,24736,24737,24738
Birth Memobet 1780-1790? 26 Jul 1766? 1770? Valley Center, VA?
Census1810, Bath County, VA24739
Census1820, Bath County, VA24740,24726
UndefinedJan 1826, Bath County, VA24741
Undefined Memofrom Otho Wade, husband Will: home plantation for her life & all household furniture (except clock), gray horse, saddle & bridle, 4 cows of her choice for use of the family, all but 6 sheep; old sorrel & bail horse to be left on the place for the family
Undefined23 Mar 1826, Bath County, VA24742
Undefined MemoInventory-Otho Wade, left to widow Catharine
Undefined24 Mar 1826, Bath County, VA12267
Undefined MemoSale of estate of Otho Wade 24 Mar 1826-Buyers: Catharine Wade
UndefinedFeb 1827, Bath County, VA24743
Undefined Memofrom son, Otho Wade Jr. Will: Beq: black two-year old filly
UndefinedFeb 1827, Bath County, VA24744
Undefined Memofrom son, Otho Wade Jr. Will: Beq: to mother, sister Sophia, sister Polly and brother Abraham and James, 106 ac tract in the Little Valley
Undefined17 Mar 1827, Bath County, VA24745
Undefined MemoSale of estate of Otho Wade Jr. Buyer: Katherine Wade; also Bonds owed Otho Wade Sr. (sic-Jr.): Katherine Wade
Undefined17 Mar 1828, Bath County, VA24746
Undefined MemoSettlement of estate of Otho Wade Jr., Debits and Credits: Catharine Wade
Census1830, Bath County, VA24725
Undefined17 Jan 1835, Bath County, VA24747
Undefined MemoSettlement of estate of Otho Wade Jr. Debits and Credits: Catherine Wade
Death21 Sep 1839, Highland County, VA24649,24650,24748,24749
Death MemoMar 1826?
FatherCharles Callahan (1744->1788)
MotherAnn Mary Steuart (1747-)
The Heritage Museum, Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society 5/6/2012
An Index to their records:
Callahan, Catherine Ann - Family Books
Callahan, Charles E. - Cemetery
Callahan, Daniel - Family Books
Birth Memo1764? now Highland Co, VA
Residence1780, Mill Gap, Highland County, VA24676
Tax List20 Jul 1791, Bath County, VA24677
Tax List Memo1st District, 1 Titheable, 3 Horses
Tax List1792, Bath County, VA24678
Tax List Memo2nd District, 1 Titheable, 4 Horses
Tax List21 May 1793, Bath County, VA24679
Tax List Memo2nd District, 1 Titheable, 5 Horses
Tax List5 May 1794, Bath County, VA24680
Tax List Memo2nd District, 1 Titheable, 6 Horses
Tax List1795, Bath County, VA24681
Tax List Memo1 Titheable, 4 Horses
Tax List1796, Bath County, VA24682
Tax List Memo1 Titheable, 5 Horses
Tax List2 Jun 1797, Bath County, VA24683
Tax List Memo1 Titheable, 7 Horses
Undefined5 Jun 1797, Bath County, VA21197
Undefined MemoInventory - Robert Dinwiddie submitted by Abraham Gum, Otha Wade & Leonard Wade
Tax List27 Jul 1798, Bath County, VA24684
Tax List Memo1 Titheable, 7 Horses
Tax List17 Jun 1799, Bath County, VA24685
Tax List Memo1 Titheable, 7 Horses
Tax List1800, Bath County, VA24686
Tax List Memo1 Titheable, 5 Horses
Tax List1801, Bath County, VA24687
Tax List Memo1 titheable, 5 Horses
Undefined8 May 1802, Bath County, VA24688
Undefined MemoSubmitted Inventory of John Gum, along with W. Dinwiddie & Stuart Slaven
Undefined12 Jul 1803, Bath County, VA24689,21202
Undefined MemoOrdered that William Dinwiddie, Otho Wade, Abraham Gum & John Gum, or any three, to appraise estate of John Slaven, dec’d
Undefined24 Sep 1803, Bath County, VA21203
Undefined MemoSubmitted Inventory for John Slaven with Abraham Gum and John Gum
Undefined26 Jan 1805, Bath County, VA24690,24691
Undefined Memowitnessed Will of Abraham Gum, his brother in law by sister Priscilla, along with Henry & Stuart Slaven
Undefined11 Feb 1806, Bath County, VA24692,24693,24694
Undefined MemoExecutor for Abraham Gum Will along with John Gum
Undefined28 Mar 1806, Bath County, VA24695
Undefined MemoExec along with John Gum for sale of estate of Abraham Gum & Buyer & Bonds
Undefined12 Apr 1809, Bath County, VA24696,24697
Undefined MemoDeed of B&S, Abijah Warren & Keziah, his wife, to James Deaver & was proved by Otho Wade & John Gum & ordered to lie in the office for further proof-provided 12 Sep 1809
Census1810, Bath County, VA24671
Land Purchase9 Sep 1812, Bath County, VA24698
Purchase Memo100 ac from James Dever & wife Catherine, for 90 pounds current money, by survey dated 25 Mar 1791 on waters of Back Creek adjoining lands of William Chestnut & Abraham Gum
Residence12 Nov 1812, Pendleton County, VA24636
Reside Memoperformed marriage of Sebastian Hoover & Mary Jones
Undefined15 Oct 1814, Pendleton County, VA24699
Undefined MemoSigned the Appraisal of James Stephenson’s (Will) land
Undefined20 May 1819, Pendleton County, VA24700
Undefined MemoSettlement of the estate of Nicholas Seybert, Otho Wade preached at the funeral
Census1820, Bath County, VA24634,24646
Undefined17 Feb 1820, Pendleton County, VA24701
Undefined MemoMarried Edith Gum to Henry Seybert
Undefined10 Aug 1824, Bath County, VA24702
Undefined MemoOn motion of Otho Wade & John Gum executors of Abraham Gum dec’d it is ordered that John Bird & Samuel Ruckman be apptd comm to examine state & settle the accts of sd executors & report
Undefined15 Jun 1825, Bath County, VA24703,21234
Undefined Memo"A settlement of the accounts of Otho Wade and John Gum executors of Abraham Gum dec'd was returned to court and on motion was 0rdered Recorded
Will Filed25 Oct 1825, Bath County, VA12262
Will Filed MemoWill dated; Wit Nathaniel Pendleton & Samuel Woods Jr.; Execs sons John & Otho
Death30 Oct 1825, Bath County, VA24629,24638,24642,24643,24644,24645,24650,24653,24655,24656,24704,24705
Death MemoMar 1826?
Burialaft 30 Oct 1825, Bath County, VA
Will FiledJan 1826, Bath County, VA12262,24706
Will Filed MemoProbated Court
Undefined14 Mar 1826, Bath County, VA12263,24707
Undefined MemoBond: 14 Mar 1826 $5,000 Otho Wade, John Wade, David L. Ruckman, Leonard Wade & John Matheny for Otho Wade to be Executor for Otho Wade
Will Filed23 Mar 1826, Bath County, VA12266,24708
Will Filed MemoInventory: Otho Wade, Exec
Will Filed24 Mar 1826, Bath County, VA12267,24709
Will Filed MemoSale of estate of Otho Wade
Will Filed9 Jun 1826, Bath County, VA24710,24711
Will Filed MemoSettlements of Accounts of Otho Wade, dec, on estate of William Rider Jun 9, 1826 John & David Bird, S. Ruckman, comm.
Will Filed1827, Bath County, VA24712
Will Filed MemoDebts Due
Will Filed1828, Bath County, VA24713
Will Filed MemoAccount
Will Filed25 Apr 1829, Bath County, VA24714
Will Filed MemoSettlement of accounts of David L. Ruckman, exec. Otho Wade Jr., exec Otho Wade Sr., adm. William Rider, S. Ruckman & John Bird, comm
Will Filed1 Dec 1831, Bath County, VA24715,24716
Will Filed MemoSettlement of estate of Otho Wade Sr., David L. Ruckman, acting exec
Will Filed1 Oct 1833, Bath County, VA24717
Will Filed MemoSettlement of estate of Otho Wade Sr., David L. Ruckman, acting exec.
Will Filed1835, Bath County, VA24718
Will Filed MemoAccount
Will Filed1 Oct 1843, Bath County, VA24719,24720
Will Filed MemoSettlement of estate of Otho Wade Sr., Exec: David L. Ruckman; settled by S. A. Porter
OccupationOrdained minister (Deacon) 4 Mar 1809, Methodist Episcopal Church, Harrisonburg, VA (21 yrs), Agriculture24670,24676,24721,24646,24647,24648,24672,24722
FatherJohn Wade (1723-1815)
MotherSophia Howard (1727-1816)
Misc. Notes
Wills Inventory Bath Book 1, Pg 34, p. 269 Inventory - John Slaven: Submitted Sept 24, 1803 by Otho Wade, Abraham and John Gum, before W. Dinwiddie. 15 books, set of “cowper towls”, loom, gears, redes1461

Abstracts of Bath County VA Wills, 2101
Pg 44: p. 349 Inventory Abraham Gum Submitted Mar 21, 1806 by Wm Dinwiddie & Henry & Stuart Slaven...notes and accounts of Otho Wade
Pg 107 p. 368 Estate of Mathias Benson, Alexander and William Benson, exec. August 1821; Notes: Otho Wade
Pg 124, p. 147 Settlement of estate Abraham Gum, Otho Wade & John Gum, exec Jun 1825
Pg 128, p. 174 Will of Otho Wade dtd Oct 25, 1825; Probated Jan 1826 Court;
Wit: Nathaniel Pendleton and Samuel Woods Jr.;
Execs sons John & Otho who are authorized to sell land west of the waggon road on Back Mountain, known as Abijah’s Place, or personal property or rent land
Beq: to son Leonard 88 acres of patented land and part of an adjacent tract not yet surveyed, except Otho Gum is to have the part of this land known as the Collins Sugar Camp if he pays the costs of entering and surveying it
to wife all household furniture (except clock), gray horse, saddle and bridle, 4 cows of her choice for use of the family, all but 6 sheep; old sorrel and ball horse to be left on the place for the family
to wife for her life the home plantation for the purpose of keeping the family together, then this including the new entry to sons Abraham and James; daughters to have their living there as long as they remain single and “behave themselves”
to dau Sophia a two-year old sorrel horse, saddle and bridle, heifer, 3 sheep and 2 geese
to dau Polly a bay colt, saddle and bridle, heifer, 3 sheep and 2 geese
old black mare to stay on the place for the benefit of the two youngest sons; if she has a colt, it belongs to son Otho
all farm implements except large new plow to stay on the place for the benefit of the family
to son Otho a heifer, a bare shear and a shovel plough
Pg 129 p. 185 Settlements of accounts of Otho Wade, dec, on estate of William Rider, Jun 9, 1826, John & David Bird, S. Ruckman, comm.
debits and credits: Archibald Matheny, D. L. Ruckman, Benajah Tuttle, John Rider s/o James, Samuel Ruckman, Isaac Briscoe, Joh Wade, Thomas Rider, George Mayes, Levi Matheny, John Heaslett, William Rider s/o James, William Lowry, James Cunningham, Mary Rider, Richard Rider, Adam Bird, Joseph Hatton, William Henderson, T. Gall, Lewis Tackett
Pg 132 p.205 Inventory-Otho Wade, Otho Wade, exec. Submitted 23 Mar 1826 by Samuel Ruckman, James Gwin, David Bird
blacksmith’s tools, pasture rent, 3 wild hogs, 27 hogs, geese 14, cattle 16, horses 4, farm implements, tools, hides, watch, clock, number of books; list of items left for use on the farm, left to Abraham and James Wade, to Otho, to widow Catharine, to Sophia and to Polly Wade.
P. 132 p. 207 Sale of estate of Otho Wade 24 Mar 1826
Buyers: Catharine, John, Leonard, Otho and James Wade, Isaac Briscoe, John Galford, Abraham Gum, Edward S. Callihan, James Gwin, Timothy Holcomb Jr., John Chesnut, John Matheny, William Gum, Otho Gum, William Bird Sr, Adam Bird, Elijah Pritt, Thomas Rider, Sampson Zickefoose, Jacob Briscoe, James Hamilton, David L. Ruckman.
Pg 137 p.254 Otho Wade Sr. account
Debits and credits: Thomas Rider, William McCoy, James Rider, William R. Rider, James Burk, John H. Peyton, David Bird, Hugh McLaughlin, Isaac Briscoe, David Conrad, John Bird, William H. Terrill, Samuel Ruckman, Kee and Boggs, James Gwin, Peter Bird, Jacob Gross, William Gum, John Cunningham, Dolly Gum, John Sharp, James Townsend, John Heaslet, Isaac Gum, John Carpenter, Jesse Gum, John Sprowl, Anson Perkins
Pg 155 p.105 Settlement of estate of Otho Wade Sr., David L. Ruckman, acting exec, Dec 1, 1831
Debits and Credits: Otho Gum, Nathaniel Pendleton, Edward S. Callihan, Robert Gwin, Thomas Sitlington, David Bird, Polly Wade, William Slaven, constable, John Snider, Samuel Given, Callihan and Rider, Samuel Lewis-surveyor, Jacob Bright, David Fultz, James Gwin, John H. Peyton, John Chestnut
Pg 172 p.277 Settlement of estate of Otho Wade Sr., David L. Ruckman, acting exec. 1 Oct 1833
Debits and credits: Otho Gum, John Wade, Samuel Ruckman, James B. Campbell, James Gwin-exec. David Gwin, A. Campbell, John Cunningham, James H. Craven

Will Books Bath County Va 1830-184?12284
Pg 105-106: I David L. Ruckman acting Executor of Otho Wade Senr Decd.
In account with that Estate To Balance in the hands of the Executor as appears by a former settlement admitted to record at February Court 1828 $230.66
To cash received of Otho Gum being 1st installment for land sold him 85.33 1/3
To cash received for rent of land 15.11
To cash received of Nathaniel Pendleton 927.33
To cash received of Edward S. Callihan 31.0
To cash received of Otho Gum 2 installments of land 85.33
Cdn II? Total $1374.76
By? paid to Robert Gwin as per voice? No. 1 2.64
“ “ “ Thomas Sitlington No. 2 2.53
“ “ “ David Bird No. 3 .69
“ “ “ Polly Wade No. 4 19.50
“ “ “ Clerk of General Court No. 5 .18
“ “ “ Clerks fee Bill No. 6 9.36
“ “ “ William Slaven Constable No. 7 8.55
“ “ “ John Snider No. 8 3.25
“ “ “ Samuel Given No. 9 6.482
“ “ “ Edward S. Callihan No. 10 31.25
“ “ “ Callihan ? Rider No. 11 5.00
“ “ “ Sheriff of Bath No. 12 .30
“ “ “ Samuel Lewis Surveyor No. 13 11.99
“ “ “ Jacob Bright No. 14 3.00
“ “ “ Clerk of Bath No. 15&16 6.31
“ “ “ David Futbz No. 17 2.50
“ “ “ James Gwin No. 18 927.23
“ “ “ Clerk of Bath No. 19 2.27
“ “ “ Clerks fees No. 20 5.94
“ “ “ John R? Peyton No. 21 23.20
Total $1072.18
By this sum which John Chestnut obtained a credit for the verdict of the Jury in a suit prosecuted against said Chestnut on a bond with which the Executor was charged in the former settlement including interest on that credit $14.22
By 5 percent comission? on $1072.18 as above 53.60
By balance in the hands of the Executor unadministered 234.76
Total $1374.76
In pursuance of an order of the Court of Bath County I proceeded to examine State and settle the account of David L. Ruckman, Executor of Otho Wade Junr decd who was Executor of Otho Wade Senr decd and submit the foregoing statement by which it appears there remains in the hands of said Executor a balance of Two hundred and thirty four dollars and seventy six cents.
/s/ Chas L. Francisco
Dec 1, 1831
Bath County to Wit
This day Charles L. Francisco made oath before me a Justice of the Peace for Said County that he impartially and to the best of his knowledge settled the above account given under my hand this (blank) day of December 1831.
Bath County December Court 1831
This settlement of the account of David L. Ruckman Executor of Otho Wade Senior Decd was presented in Court and on motion ordered to be recorded. Teste Chas L. Francisco

Rev Howard Wade Death24666
When the county (Highland) was organized, Mr. (Howard) Wade’s grandfather, Rev Otho Wade, was the first preacher, and the only man, for several years, authorized to celebrate the rites of matrimony, and couples came to him for many miles to have him officiate in this capacity. This authority was based upon a license issued and signed by Bishop Asbury, the original copy still being in the possession of the family.

Charles Callahan, DAR Supporting Documentation, Member Nat’l # 776327, Will Book 3 pg 174, Otho Wade Will:24723
I Otho Wade of the County of Bath and State of VA being weak in body but of sound mind and deposing memory do make and ? this my last Will and Testament and principally I recommend my soul to God who ? with a well grounded hope through the merits of Christ in a glorious ?tality. I desire that my body shall be buried in a decent plain manner at the discretion of my Executors and as to the worldly estate of which I am ? I dispose of it as follows to wit and first it is my Will and desire for all my just debts shall be paid as soon as may be after my death and in order to enable my execr to do so they are hereby authorized to sell it necefsary all that tract of land lying west of the Wagon Road in the side of the Back Mountain known by the name of Abyah place or the personal property at their discretion or to rent the sd land for a term of years if it can be done so as to pay all my debts together with the debts due me & what personal property can be spared after leaving what may be necefsary for the use and support of my family that may be at home at my death and I do leave it to the advantage of my Estate.
2nd I give to my son, Leonard a tract of land containing by patent eighty eight acres and part of a new enlarg which is not yet surveyed to extend from the lower corner of the said tract to Gums line with the exception of as much as may be necefsary to leave water to that end of the tract I live on & also all of the new enlarg that lies between the two tracts and it is my desire that Otho Gum shall have that part of the ? enlarg generally called Collins Sugar Camp on his paying the expense of entering it and surveying it for himself but I do not relinquish to him any more of my enlarg that the Sugar Camp.
3rd I give to my wife all my household and kitchen furniture except the clock including beds, bedding & bedsteads (sic) for the use the family & to dispose of as she pleases. Also the gray horse her saddle an bridle and also four cows of her own choice for the use or the family and all the sheep except six and further the old sorrel & all horses are to be left on the place which I live on to work & help support the family and it is my Will that my Wife shall have the plantation on which I live during her natural life for the purpose of keeping the family together and after her death then I give the sd tract of land including the new enlarg lying between the sd tract and that given to Leonard, to my two sons, Abraham and James to be equally divided between them with this further incumbrance that my daughters are to have their house & support on the land so long as they remain single and behave themselves.
4th I give to my daughter Sophia, one sorrel horse, two years old, a saddle & bridle to be furnished her by my Executors and one three year old heifer, three sheep and ten geese.
5th I give to my daughter Polly, one bay colt year old, a saddle & bridle, one three year old heifer, three sheep and ten geese.
I also direct that the old black mare shall be left on the place for the benefit ... (the printed copy missed the top of this page)
Plough are to be left for the use & benefit of the family.
It is further my Will & Desire that all the residue of my personal property shall be sold at the discretion of my Executor & the proceeds be applied to the payment of my debts with the exception of one heifer & one bare shear & one shovel plough which plows are on my son Othos place which I do give to my son Otho. And lastly I do appoint my sons John and Otho my Executors. In witnefs whereof I have herein to let my hand and seal this 25th day of Oct 1825.
Signed sealed & acknowledged in presence of Nathl Pendleton, Samuel Woods Jr.
Otho Wade (seal)
Bath County January Court 1826
This Last Will and Testament of Otho Wade decd was proven in Court by Samuel Woods Jnr and at March Court in the year aforesaid was fully proven by Nathaniel Pendleton and ordered to be recorded.
Teste. Chs L. Francisco, Clk
168(Pg17of21) 3158 1820VABathNoTwp85
Otho Wade 2M <10, 1M 16-18, 2M 18-26, 1M 45+, 1F <10, 1F 10-16, 1F 16-26, 1F 45+ (Who is 2nd Male 18-26, John Wade son listed separately in Bath Co VA with family?)

1790VAAugustaPrsnlC14.jpg21241 Otho Waide 1 Tithe, 3 Horses (Same Otho Wade?)

Pg 461:24724 Otho Wade family is to be found in the collection of notes of Stuart C. Wade in the NY City Public Library, Vol 12, at pages 8, 38 and 39.

Not listed with John Wade & Sophia Howard family3006

Bath 1799, Ln 581 7/3/1799 Waide, Edmond: 1 Titheable, 1 Slaves, 1 Horses, No Studs2484 (nearby, Relationship?)

Pg 12 p.91 Inventory - Robert Dinwiddie submitted 5 Jun 1797 by Abraham Gum, Otha Wade & Leonard Wade2101 (Robert Dinwiddie? Relationship?)

Pg 27 p. 216 Inventory John Gum - submitted 8 May 1802 by W. Dinwiddie, Otho Wade and Stuart Slaven2101 (W. Dinwiddie? Relationship?)

Pg 150 Inventories 4 pg 161-162:20332 16 Jul 1813. Sale Bill of a further part of the estate of Nicholas Seybert. Purchasers: Otha Wade (Him?)
Marriage26 Mar 1788, Augusta County, VA24640,24643,24645,24649,24651,24653,24657,24658,24750,24751,24668
Marr MemoBond 26 Mar 1788
ChildrenJohn (1789-1874)
 William (1790-1813)
 Sarah (1792-)
 Charles (1795-1818)
 Otho (1797-1827)
 Priscilla (1799-1859)
 Anne (1801-1874)
 Leonard Cassell (1805-1865)
 Sophia (1806-1885)
 Abraham (Twin) (1811-1892)
 Mary (Twin) (1811-)
 James Ward William (1814-1897)
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